Bila Vezha

Bila Vezha, slavic for the White Tower, is built in a regio on the ruins of Sarkel. Little is known of Bila Vezha as it is one of the remotest covenants in the Order and very few have ever visited it.

Ex Miscellanea of lineage of Pralix the leader of the covenant, who seeks new hedge wizards to bring into the Order.

Flambeau mage, a Crusdaer who seeks to kill any hedge wizards deemed to be a threat to the Order that fail to join the Order.

Opiter ex Miscellanea, infamous for being expelled from House Bonisagus for refusing to share his research and joining House Ex Miscellanea. Believed to be a Seeker studying ancient fertility cults.

3 Scinnfolk of House Ex Miscellanea, recruited by the leader of the covenant.

Bila Vezha

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