Elisedd of Merinita


Character sheet on Dropbox, if it doesn’t seem upto-date, just ask
he’s 4’5" and his sigil is that his eyes glow brightly


Elisedd was born from a union between a faerie mother and a human father in a strong faerie magic place and was raised by his faerie mother in this place in the wilds of the Rhine Tribunal. throughout his childhood he learned to speak the dialect of the locals from the faeries that were around when he was growing up. He also learned to make the faeries like him by interacting with them all the time, as there was no-one else to interact with. He was constantly surrounded by faerie magic, as the faeries were constantly doing spells or the equivalent and from watching the fairies he worked out how they invented new spells without any kind of traditional research. One such spell that a faerie cast was one cast on him, to make him attuned to the ways of the wild and as a consequence he learned to love nature and became incapable of harming the creatures of the wild and his constant need to find water to survive made him incapable of destroying water. Due to his faerie heritage he’s smaller than average and has developed a strong belief that everything should always go well as it seems it always has in the past few years.

When he was 10 he was found by a Merinita Magus who was interacting with the faeries and when he discovered that Elisedd had The Gift he immediately start teaching him the ways of human society and took him as an apprentice. Throughout his apprenticeship his parens noticed that occasionally when Elisedd cast a spell something strange would happen that that when he was surrounded by the personification of an art, he was able to learn faster and was even able to invent new spells without being in a lab. Towards the end of his apprenticeship Elisedd underwent the initiation into the outer mystery of Faerie magic.

Elisedd of Merinita

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