Amir of Byzantium

Amir is dark-complected with a dark, neatly trimmed beard. He wears practical trousers and a doublet of silk with a long sword on his belt.


Amir hails from Byzantium, an Ex-miscellania magi just out of the gauntlet. He nearly always has a hunting dog at his side, a tall hound he calls “Ajax.”

Born the son of a Turkman and a Greek woman, Amir had a hard upbringing, living on the edge of two very different worlds. As a young boy, he miraculously survived the sack of Constantinople when a crusader tried to gut Emil with his sword. Both Emil and the plundering crusader were surprised to see the blade deflect harmlessly off his skin. Emil’s father ran to his assistance and was slain defending him and his mother. He provided for himself and his mother by acting as a hired hand or hired thug prior to discovering his Gift as a young man.

Amir was apprenticed at the newly created covenant of Michael’s Tabula. He chose to apprentice under an Ex-miscellania magi named Nikon. Nikon accepted his relatively older student and nurtured Amir’s affinity for Terram magic.

At the behest of his Nikon, he traveled to the Syvash Covenant to assist with building up the covenant and increasing the influence of the Order on the eastern edge of the civilized lands. He feels more at home working outdoors than inside a lab, but when he applies his talents, he usually has good results.

Amir of Byzantium

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