Suggested Companions

This a page where people can suggest various ideas for companions for their magi.


  • Possibly one of his older sisters that tagged along to watch over her brother
  • A very skilled craftsman to act as a Forge Companion
  • A local Volkvy Practitioner on Lignarius’s side. – Joseph – this should be interesting.


  • A mundane Redcap sailor type who can trade back and forth from the Covenant to the Transylvanian Tribunal. Will be trading for magical books, vis and info.
    —Justus will take care of this companion
  • A ship merchant captain who will trade magical gold around the Black Sea


  • A trusted sword arm. This man should be not only loyal to Justus but to the whole Convenent. I am thinking that he could have followed me from Stonehenge to protect me.
    Zack – I offer myself as tribute
  • A loyal scribe. He can take down my words and help me to write my books. He can also help to transcribe books that we find


  • A childhood friend. Probably has some sort of supernatural ability. Aspires to greatness. Might be a bit on the violent side so that he works as a counterpoint to Quartus’ more pacifist tendencies.
  • A child that Quartus picked up, probably a former slave/kholop that he saved. Also probably has a supernatural ability of some sort, since that would be additional reason for Quartus to pick him/her up.


  • A shapeshifting druid who has stayed with him to try and ensure that his lycanthropy is controlled and he doesn’t hurt anyone (He works alongside my Magi’s magical wolf companion, Fenrir, to create a pack mentality) – Monk – I can make this character.
  • A Varangian Guard veteran, he was one of my character’s father’s most trusted companions and has joined me to protect me in battle as he did my father ( I would also accept it if this character was my Magi’s father as this would help tie in with the Veteran Fighters Boon)

Suggested Companions

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