Covenant Creation Hook Proposal

Here is my proposed plot outline to tie Magi’s background stories together in a way that leads to such a diverse group of magi founding a Covenant together:

  • Prima Poena of House Tremere has ordered the creation of new research covenants specializing in research that reduces the battlefield advantages of the Islamic wizards of the Levant (True Lineages page 122)
  • House Tremere is particularly interested in research and training in naval combat and possibly aerial combat (Saga Seeds: Weapons Research box, True Lineages page 133)
  • Lucius as a House Tremere Architect (True Lineages page 132) is responsible for the logistics of the new research covenant’s construction including making the covenant financially viable, fortifying the covenant, maintaining supply lines and ensuring weapons research facilities are operational
  • * Lucius’ parens Severicus, in the Rhine Tribunal, has directed Lucius to give his sigil to Frania Popovich of Leczyca, the Tremere Tribune in the Novgorod Tribunal.
  • Lucius has been sent by Severicus from the Rhine Tribunal to sever Lucius’s divided loyalties towards Durenmar and to hide a Dark Secret plotline while bolstering House Tremere’s sigil count for the Novgorod Tribunal of 1221.
  • Lucius was guided to Leczyca covenant from Roznov covenant in the Rhine tribunal by the Redcap Paul Gustav and during the long trip the two got to know one another. A mutually beneficial bargain was struck.
  • Paul has made some enemies at the Pripet Maior covenant when he inadvertently sided with the Thousand Caves covenant while gossiping and being a general busybody. Paul is worried that the magi at Pripet Maior may take revenge against him via certamen or wizard’s war and is seeking a capable mage ally to defend him.
  • Lucius has many plans that involve trading with other covenants which is going to be difficult in rural Novgorod and/or involve dealing with mundanes (which Lucius despises).
  • Lucius has agreed to defend Paul during certamen challenges and to generally aid the mercere in his rise to power within his house in exchange for Paul acting as Lucius’ trade negotiator during his mercere rounds and for Paul handling the mundane relations that Lucius’ plans require. Lucius will also try to get Paul instated as a full member of the covenant.
  • Lignarius, filius of Tomaszi Klimowicz of House Verditius also of the Leczyca Covenant, has been recommended for membership in the new weapons research covenant by Frania of Tremere who has been monitoring his progress through apprenticeship in her covenant. As a Verditius Lignarius should be quite capable of designing specialized large research laboratories for such things as Magical Ship Building or Magical Aerial Mount training.
  • * In time Lignarius’ aptitude for Auram and fondness for Wood means he might be hired to construct magical ships or specific items for the ships. A magical wooden flying ship may even be sponsored by House Tremere in the future if the project were deemed viable.
  • * Even the Leczyca covenant in Poland was not far enough away from Italy to prevent the compassionate Lignarius from trying to help his family there in their Feud. Senior magi of Leczyca felt that even more distance might finally break Lignarius of these inappropriate familial bonds, which border on breaking the Code against interfering with the affairs of mundanes.
  • Justus of Britainnia, filius of Talion of Flambeau was encouraged to seek out Frania of House Tremere in the Leczyca covenant of Novgorod by the maga Goliard of House Tremere who resides in the Blackthorn covenant where Justus was raised. With Blackthorn’s reputation in the west making alliances with other covenants Goliard is possibly motivated by seeking allies in the far east or perhaps she is simply trying to put a lot of distance between Blackthorn and a young mage who attracts demonic attention.
  • Tiberius, filius of Arliandus, Primus of Guernicus, has been sent to Novgorod to maintain a census of the magi of Novgorod to prevent the magi of Novgorod from using the Rhine Tribunal tactic of voting with probably dead magi’s sigils. Of course Arliandus may have been motivated to send his filius to remote Novgorod to hide the embarrassing lycanthropy curse regardless Tiberius has been sent to Leczyca to witness the charter founding of a new covenant as his first official Quaesitor act and to join the covenant if he so desires.
  • Quartus, filius of Rosula of Criamon has mysteriously shown up at Leczyca just as the other magi have arrived to found a covenant. Coincidence or is a deeper mystery at work…
  • The fact that three magi are descended from the Sidhe should imply a Sidhe plot of some sort.
  • The above plot-line fits in well with the Sea of Azov covenant location since it would be an ideal spot for a secret magical shipyard construction site. I propose the covenant name be The Covenant of Kerch or The Covenant of Cimmeria.

For mythical justifications as to why Kerch would be very magical:

  1. There is a theory that Atlantis sunk in the Sea of Azov near Kerch.
  2. A “mythical” people also named Cimmerians are described in Book 11, 14 of Homer’s Odyssey as living beyond the Oceanus, in a land of fog and darkness, at the edge of the world and the entrance of Hades. (Sounds like a regio leading to the Magic Realm to me).

Covenant Creation Hook Proposal

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