Covenant Creation

Abyssmal picture of the covenant currently

What we currently have [Moved to Inventory wiki page by Jason]

- Herbam Vis source 3 a year
- Vis stocks: 5 Rego, 5 Vim, 5 Muto, 5 Aurum, 5 Herbam, 9 Fae Imaginem, 5 Perdo Vim
- Muto Summae Level 9 Quality 22
- Mentem Art Summae Level 9 Quality 21
- Faerie Imaginem Vis 4/yr source
- Perdo Summae Lvl 9 Quality 22
- Perdo Vim Source 4/yr

Here is the Covenants book pdf.

The Covenant we are designing is how we wish it to appear after 10 years of game play, with the magi building the Covenant from scratch.

Each player picks:
1 major boon (or 3 minor)
1 major hook (or 3 minor)
50 build points

The points picked represent your magus’s commitment to achieve the results you have picked (generally by dedicating seasons adventuring). When making your picks please provide a summarized plan on how your magus plans to achieve this goal. All picks are subject to troupe approval.

Specific Notes on Vis Sources and Vis Stocks:

  • 1 season Vis Hunt adventure = approximately 5 pawns of Vis stock
  • 1 pawn Vis Source = 1 seasons of adventure GM NOTE: I’m making this one season of adventuring for simplicity sake. Once you find the source, you have to define the source, and how we gets vis from it. You can still only get that sources set number of vis per year, but it can be split up

Proposed Free Choices

Free Choice: Small Tower fortification. I believe Justinia will be using a casting tablet for this GM NOT Not Lucius anymore, but I believe we are sticking with this one

Free Choice: Typical Income. Fishing.

Free Choice: Hunters. Zack will organize the covenfolk into hunters.

Proposed Boons

Minor Boon. Ungoverned. Lignarius. The lands of the covenant are so remote that no noble lays claim to them.

Minor Boon. Loyal Covenfolk. Lignarius is committed to treating the covenfolk well so that within 10 years they will be more loyal than most covenants.

Minor Boon. Healthy Feature. Lignarius is committed to picking a healthy environment in which to found the covenant.

Major Boon. Natural Fortress. Justus
-Major Boon. Quartus will manage to acquire an Extraordinary Book (35pts, Rego: Level 20, Quality 15) – probably a gift from his parens at some point.

-Minor Boon. Vast Aura. Zack has scanned the horizon and determined that the covenant’s aura is vast.

-Minor Boon. Veteran Fighters. Zack will recruit a small force of professional foot soldiers for the covenant.

-Minor Boon. Chase. Zack will negotiate with the local faerie court for an area of the local forest for the capture and breeding of game animals.

Minor Boon. Minority. Justinia will make attempts at rapport with the Nestorian minority amongst the primarily Tengri Cumans.

Minor Boon. Secondary Income. Justinia will try to organize the local farming community into something beneficial to the covenant.

Minor Boon. Vast Aura. Justinia has scanned the horizon and determined that the covenant’s aura is vast.

Minor Boon. Wealth.

Minor Boon. Strong Aura.

Minor Boon. Hidden Ways.

Proposed Hooks

Major Hook. Hedge Tradition. Lignarius is committed to bringing a local tradition of Volkvy priests under the control of the Covenant.

Minor Hook. Haunted . Justus.

Minor Hook. Resident Nuisance . Justus.

Minor Hook. Uncontrolled Portal . Justus.

Minor Hook. Fated Feat. Zack has learned of an incomplete prophecy that is widely known in the area.
-Minor Hook. Faerie Court. Zack has learned that the local faerie court runs the local Chase.

-Minor Hook. Itinerants. Zack has determined that there is a mobile community of visitors to the covenant each year.

Major Hook. Regio. It turns out that there’s a magical Regio in the area that we settle in, although unless the existence of that regio is part of the reason for settling where we do, its existence will probably not be discovered until Quartus does some exploring.

Minor Hook. Indigenes. Justinia realizes that not all local Cumans are very nomadic, and that in fact, some would like to stay the same place as us.

Minor Hook. Pagans. Justinia also realizes that said Cumans are primarily Tengri. She does not like this.

Minor Hook. Fallen Temple. Justinia realizes that there may be a bit of a connection between the reverent pagans, the constant hauntings, the faerie presence and the fact that there’s a rather unpleasant so-called holy site nearby.

Minor Hook. Missing Expedition.

Minor Hook. Warping to a Pattern.

Minor Hook. Pubic Vis Source. The Faerie Vis.

Proposed Build Points

15 pts: 3 pawn vis source (Herbam). Lignarius will work to find a 3 pawn vis source for the covenant within 10 years

31 pts: Muto Summae Level 9 Quality 22. Lignarius will work on copying this Root of the Art summae.

4 pts: Vis Stocks. Lignarius will work to find 20 pawns of vis, spread over Muto, Vim, Aurum, and Rego.

5 pts: Vis Stocks. Zack will commit to finding 25 pawns of vis for the Covenant.
-45 pts: 9 pawn vis source. Zack will work to find a 9 pawn vis source for the covenant within 10 years.

31 pts: Perdo Summae Level 9 Quality 22. Justus will work on copying this Root of the Art summae.

15 pts: 3 pawns of Perdo Vis per year. Justus will commit to finding a source for the convenant within 10 years.

4 points: 20 pawns of Vis spread over Perdo, Creo, Ignem, Mentem. Justus will work on finding 20 pawns of vis split in the above way.

30pts: Creo Summa Level 14 Quality 16. Quartus will get Meep to copy this.
-20 pts: 4 pawns of (probably Creo) Vis per year. Quartus will commit to finding a source within 10 years.

14 pts: Teacher, Communication 3, Teaching 5, Profession: Scribe 6, Latin & Greek 5. Justinia will do her best to try to get a proper librarian for the covenant.

31 pts: Vim Summae Level 9 Quality 22. Justinia will do her darnest to get her mitts on this Root of the Art.

5 pts: Lab Text (Awaken the Slumbering Corpse). Justinia was given this by her parens as a parting gift. She’s slightly unnerved.

30 pts: Mentem Art Summae Level 9 Quality 21. Elisedd has got this.

20 pts: 4 pawn of Faerie Imaginem Vis per year. Elisedd has got this.

30 pts: Summae, Corpus, Level 9 Quality 21. [Jason]
7 pts: Tractatus, Terram, Quality 7 [Jason]
4 pts: Lab Text, Arm of the Infant [Jason]
2 pts: Lab Text, Bind Wound [Jason]
2 pts: Lab Text, Unseen Porter [Jason]
5 pts: Lab Text, Shape of the Woodland Prowler [Jason]

Covenant Creation

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