Lignarius of Verditus

Verditus Woodworker


Born the youngest of six siblings to the lead carpenter of the Marino family on the outskirts of Venice, then Pietro, was only the second boy to be born to his family. His elder brother had already been groomed to take over the family business, thus the young boy was only really trained to assist in the family’s work. Pietro’s mother ran the business behind the scenes, and his father and brother were out working most of the time. Thus, Pietro was primarily raised by his older sisters.

Though Pietro was trained as a carpenter, his father and brother soon became somewhat wary of him. For some odd reason, some of the small little trinkets he carved were…strangely shiny. There was an awkward sheen to just about all the child’s small selection of work. His father tried to discourage the boy from working, though his sisters still allowed him to do so. His father was still mostly focused on the long running feud with their family’s rivals, the Rossi family.

Around when the boy turned seven, Tomaszi Klimowicz, a Magi from the Leycza visiting for a contest at Verdi, noticed some of the boys work when he stopped by with one of his servants. Noticing the boys innate, skills, he offered to take the boy off the family’s hands. His parents being somewhat superstitious, they allowed it despite the protests from his sisters. It didn’t help that the Feud between the Marinos and Rossis was heating up, and Pietro’s father thought of this as putting the young boy somewhere safe until he was needed, despite Tomaszi having no desire to allow that. Thus he was whisked away to the Novgorod tribunal.

Though his abilities didn’t QUITE line up with his master’s, Tomaszi did his best to give the boy the proper training, and to encourage him to master his innate abilities. Despite his training as a carpenter, much of his work with Tomaszi was smaller trinkets and wooden ornaments. When it finally came time for Pietro to make his Masterpiece for his gauntlet, Pietro finally made his master a fancy wooden chair, that, on will, could be wrapped up like a blanket and rolled into a tight malleable scroll.

Tomaszi passed Pietro, and gifted him with the somewhat obvious name of Lignarius. Soon after becoming a full Magi of the house Verditus, Tomaszi asked the young man to aide in the building of a new covenant in their Tribunal, and Lignarius obliged, setting out to lay the physical groundwork of the new covenant, excited to begin working on the project.

Lignarius of Verditus

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