Emil the Woodsman

Emil is a grizzled Slavic man with a large beard and a despondent expression.


Emil grew up in Bulgaria as the son of a carpenter, Doncho. He loved to roam the woods and marshes around his village and soon picked up an uncanny sense of the natural world. While learning the lay of the land and working with his father, he picked up a few languages from the variety of peoples throughout the area.

Upon the death of his father, he took over his Doncho’s trade and soon married a popular young woman named Ivana. Shortly thereafter, tragedy struck. While searching for a stand of timber to harvest in the nearby woods, a bandit attacked Ivana at their home and killed her. The locals (lead by a small group of Emil’s rivals) accused him of the murder and set upon him. Emil narrowly escaped into the woods, pursued by his accusers and the king’s men. He eventually wandered north to Transylvania, Cumania and eventually Crimea, making a living far from his home performing odd jobs and living a solitary life.

While Amir was making his way to the Syvash, he hired Emil as his guide. The formed a strong bond through their journey. Upon reaching the covenant, Emil found purpose in building houses and tools for the covenfolk.

Emil the Woodsman

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